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Fifty Shades of Gray: Hair that is, no X-rated blog here!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Loving life at the wedding of a dear friend's daughter. June 2018

They say that gray is not a color but rather a shade. I beg to differ because outside of purple, it is my favorite color. I fell in love with my shades of gray seven years ago when I let go of the notion of keeping my dark hair for the rest of my life. My hair color doesn’t define who I am. I think of hair as a wonderful accessory that changes over time just as our bodies do.

For a woman’s hair to be her glory, it must be nurtured from the inside and the outside. Here are my tips for maintaining healthy looking hair.

1. Trim your hair regularly – The average person’s hair grows about a quarter of an inch a month, which may not sound like much but when you consider all the styling products and tools we use on our hair, it can cause damage. Whether you trim your own hair or go to the salon, it’s important to snip the ends every 8 weeks or so.

2. Eat a healthy diet – Eating foods that look like they just came out of a garden are a good start: remember the colors of the rainbow when selecting your foods and to shop the perimeter of the grocery store where the fresh and whole foods are stocked, processed foods are found in the aisles. By the way, I’ve never found a piece of fried food in the garden, and although I, personally, have nothing against the fried foods, I keep my intake of them and all processed foods for that matter to a minimum. Remember the saying, "Moderation is key?" Well, for me, it truly is when it comes to my diet.

3. B Vitamins – Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that your body needs to convert certain nutrients into energy and is great for your hair, skin and nails. It is one of my go to favorite supplements.

4. Conditioning shampoo - clean and condition your hair on a regular basis making sure to gently but firmly massage your scalp to increase blood flow to the hair roots to promote healthy hair growth. I use Generic Value Products Conditioning Shampoo to keep my hair healthy and shiny, decrease breakage and keep the yellow that can plague gray hair at bay. It's a purple shampoo which I find ironic because purple has been and will always be my favorite color, and now it helps my gray hair sparkle and shine, and who doesn't love to sparkle and shine?

Available at Sally's Beauty Supply. *Not a paid promoter for Sally's or Generic Value Products.

5. Products - Personally, I keep these to a minimum. The one product that I do use to control any fly away frizzies and to give my hair just a bit of texture is Proclaim's Glossing Polish; however, a good friend of mine is a fan of the root boosting products like Ultra Volume Double Boost by Goldwell, praising its effectiveness in enhancing her hair's body and style plus reporting a little goes a long way.

Available at Sally's Beauty Supply. *Not a paid promoter for Sally's or Proclaim Glossing Polish.

Going gray is not for everyone, but if you have an inkling of a notion that you'd like to give it a try, I encourage you to go for it! It's a wonderfully freeing and empowering moment to let go and go gray. But, be forewarned, it is a period of transition for those who color treat their hair just like I did for several years leading up to my decision to all natural. My advice is to just look away. Look away while you let the gray hair grow out. Do what you must: wear hats, scarves, ponytails, whatever will distract you from the mishmash of varied colors upon your head. My choice of distraction was wearing lots of ponytails under a cap until my gray hair was to the longest length of the shortest haircut that I figured I could tolerate, and that's when I went for it: cutting it pixie short. Think Jamie Lee Curtis short. You know what I find interesting now that I have "gone gray", is how much I am complimented on my hair. I was accustomed to receiving complements on my shiny, dark hair when I was younger, but I dare say, I receive more compliments now that it is gray. Go figure! I must admit; however, that over the years, I have had moments of insecurity when my confidence in being a member of the "Silver Sisterhood" has faltered. But, I am proud to say that it has been only once in the past seven years that I was traitorous to my gray hair. In 2017 my resolve to love my gray hair no matter what plummeted, and I colored my hair as dark as it had been in high school. Ugh, I learned very quickly that it’s a road best left untraveled for me.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, go for it! Join the rest of us, "Silver Sisters", and if you absolutely hate it, the upside is that there will always be a 24-hour store somewhere that you can get a bottle of hair color to undo your Fifty Shades of Gray adventure.

My Fifty Shades of Gray: Tramp was often my inspiration to stay gray! Do you see a resemblance in hair color?

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