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Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive Throughout the Year

by Tammy Rinehart

Hello! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I am excited to share another gift with you today: my first guest blogger, Ms. Tammy Rinehart. Tammy is a native Tennesseean, born in Cleveland. She moved to Chattanooga to attend UTC and never left! After graduating with a degree in English, she has worked as Copy Editor for WTVC, Covenant College, a corporate trainer for UNUM and is currently a Premier Jewelry representative. She and her husband live in Chattanooga with their two adorable Yorkies, Sam and Harley. Enjoy! -JD

The Christmas rush is over now, and another holiday season is tucked away. We’ve been on sensory high since November. The joyous music, the lights on the tree, the visits with our friends and family all make for some of the happiest times of the year.

As our lives return to normal, there can be a sadness or a “let down” that comes after the holiday hustle and bustle. So how do we keep the music playing? How do we keep the spirit of Christmas alive? Our lives are like the seasons, temporary. Every emotion you’ve ever felt is temporary. So, the next time the sun isn’t shining, or you are having a tough day, here are some ideas to get you through the rough spots:

  • Meditate – Sit comfortably in your favorite spot and think a happy thought. I’m not suggesting you go to a studio or sit in an awkward position. Just a minute or so will allow you to feel better.

"Missing my mom, but then a sweet butterfly came for a visit," Tammy Rinehart.
  • Take a short walk – this is one of the fastest ways to get those happy endorphins pumping. Walking does wonders for the mind and the body.

  • Listen to heart-pumping music, something that makes you want to car-dance all the way to work.

  • Remember the caterpillar who moves along the deck rail in the Spring. His life is fine, and yet he knows he’s meant to fly. He spins a cocoon. He’s in a tough spot, he can’t move or see the light of day. One day, his wings are strong, and he breaks free of the cocoon and his life is changed. He can Fly! If you are in a tough spot, remember one day you will fly. Everything is temporary.

  • Be willing to change- learn something new, take steps to get another job or volunteer. You can change the path you are on.

I know there will be tough seasons in life but keep moving forward no matter the pace. Forward is forward. Keeping the Christmas spirit alive is possible and it begins with you.

Happy New Year!

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