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What Are You Waiting For: Friday?

Hi, I'm Tammy and happy to be back as a guest blogger this week.

I recently had a weekend get away with my husband of 20 years. The days prior to our trip were filled with laundry, packing and that excited feeling I remember from my childhood anxiously anticipating an upcoming family excursion. I started thinking, why don’t I live everyday this way? If you’re wondering if I have the answer, I don’t. I realized that my life is usually “waiting” on a Friday. Afterall, Friday is usually associated with the end of a long, often stressful, workweek and a paycheck. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a payday? They say money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly allows me to pay the bills, which makes me happy, so it’s a good start!

There’s more to a Friday though: it’s that feeling of riding with the windows down, breaking free and doing what you want. I heard a song from the 1970’s while on my road trip which sums it up nicely. The musical group is Wet Willie, the song title is “Weekend.” I googled (Funny the words that now make up the lexicon of the modern world. Who would have ever thought we would be “googling” “ubering” or “venmoing”.) the lyrics for this blog. “One Friday evenin’ What a feelin’ feel like singin’ Tired of workin’, my mind is buzzin’ Feel like dancin’, yes I do.” I won’t bore you with the rest of the lyrics, but I do encourage you to listen to the song on Youtube (see below). I think you’ll enjoy it.

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For the record, (no pun intended) there are many more songs about Friday shenanigans supporting Wet Willie’shypothesis that most of us are living for the weekend. Katy Perry sings about maxed out credit cards and smelling like a mini bar in her hit song, “Last Friday Night.” And while I don’t recommend these activities on a regular basis, the theme of Friday fun is not lost for me. I think we should all stop waiting for our Friday. Do something we want to do now. We should be living everyday like it's Friday.

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Here’s my top 10 list for putting a little Friday into every day:

1.  Take an afternoon off and do something you want to do. I call this a “mental health” day.

2.  Start following someone who is positive on Instagram or Twitter. This can be a great way to get “ideas” to make each day a Friday.

3.  Spend a few extra minutes in bed and allow your body to stretch. Did you know if you do this “stretching” just the right way, you will be well on the way to having your bed made even before you get out of bed! Studies show that making up your bed gives you a feeling of accomplishment and what a better way to start the day.

4.   Buy a journal and write down something good that has happened during the week.

5.   Be thankful for the little things: a hot shower, a car that runs, a healthy child.

6.   Buy a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store for yourself.

7.   Write a thank you note to a friend.

8.   Give some extra love to your pets if you have them. You are their world.

9.   Begin reading a new book and then share your thoughts with a friend.

10. Call a friend or a parent just to say “hello.”

Bottom line: try to stop “waiting” for it to be Friday to start to do the fun stuff in your life. It is a weird psychology to me when I think about how we compartmentalize how, when and where we have fun, especially when it comes to work and school. It’s like we are afraid that if we greet each day with the enthusiasm of how we do Friday, we might actually discover we can be happy at work, or the doctor’s office or sitting in a lecture, etc. and I dare say that most of us don’t want to mix work or whatever we may dread in life and our “fun” life. Isn’t that a shame? We spend a lot of time at work or school or whatever the case may be. It would be nice to find a way to find a “Friday” in every day, some how someway.

Every day may not be a Friday, but we can stop waiting on Friday and enjoy the day we are in by focusing on the moments and making them fun, and if all else fails, learn the lyrics to Wet Willie’s (I just love to say that name, Wet Willie.) “Weekend” and repeat them over and over in your head till it is the weekend. Hopefully, it will put a smile on your face letting the world know that lyou are happy, and you know how the saying goes, “BE HAPPY! It drives people crazy.” Maybe that will help you till you get to Friday.

Let me know your thoughts. How do you put some Friday into other days of the week?

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